Our mission

Our story starts in 1999 during the very first release ofthe English Pokemon booster box. I was just a little boy when it happened, I found my escape from real life. Like most of us, we used games to get away and go into imaginary land. “Gotta catch em all” isn’t just a slogan, it was a life style. After surviving the covid-19 pandemic and seeing “scalpers” ruin it for collectors far and wide, I wanted to make all collectables easily accessible for all ages and not be scalped.

We want to provide families & friends an opptuntity to become closer together and have memorable experiences.

Our values

We are a veteran owned business who strive to bring the best prices and customer service. As we are a new business, we are still trying to figure out all the kinks of E-commence, if you have suggestions or see something out of place. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email or message us on our Facebook page. We will be sure to return the favor.